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  1. I want to create videos like the ones on tried to sign up on the site, but it didn't work, payment gateway was broke.

    Anyway I understand about chroma keyer, I use sony vegas 7.0, I can switch backgrounds around with it. I understand that I need to run the video through an additional program to convert it to flv. But I'm having problem finding the correct program for this conversion.

    I understand about the html code wmode ="transparent" , but how does it know what color is transparent. Like Green or what ever color in the flash movie.

    Any and all comments and help is appreciated.
    Hey I'm just enjoying it.
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    I guess it would be easy to make with Flash Professional. It can also convert your video flv.
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  3. Wow its looks like it would work fine but its not cheap $700.00 is there a lower cost solution?
    Hey I'm just enjoying it.
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