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  1. I've used DVD Shrink for years. I love how easy it works and have had good success over the years. The problem is it only burns at 2.5X.

    I know DVD Shrink is not supported anymore, but I was wondering if there is a way to make it burn faster? I can't find it.

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    DVD Shrink doesn't burn. It uses either Nero or DVD Decrypter to burn. You have to look at which one of these you use. Once you know this, try creating an ISO file with Shrink, and then using the burning application on it's own to burn the result (basically you will be mimicing what Shrink does, but manually). If it burns at a higher speed then you know that Shrink is somehow affecting the speed. If it doesn't, then the most likely cause is older firmware in your burner not recognising the new discs and using a safe fallback burning speed. The only solution at that popint would be to buy older discs, or to upgrade your firmware. If this has been happening for a while then I would suggest it is most likely an old burner.
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