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    Hey Video Guyz......i really need your advice

    I am in search for a capture card with the best/one of the best quality for my computer (Quad core Q6600, 4gb RAM, XP).

    I find my existing card (old)'s quality to be "not good enough for me". This is my card: K-WORLD TERMINATOR

    Just wanna add something too. I want to use this card to record programs from my dish. I get all the dish channels on my Satellite Receiver. I have used two DVB cards before: Hauppauge NEXUS and TWINHAN.
    Now these cards DON'T even need a satellite receiver; they caputre direclty from the DISH itself. And the quality is AMAZING!! There are no dropped frames or whatever. Plus there are features like TIME SHIFTING etc. BUT...I find the setup difficult and I could get only a few channels after a lot of effort. And I don't really care about features like Time Shifting.

    I guess there is also the issue of HARDWARE vs SOFTWARE encoding/decoding. I want whatever option gives me the highest quality.

    NOW.....what I want is...............a computer card which:

    1, WILL USE THE SIGNAL FROM A SATELLITE RECEIVER. That is, the card itself doesn't have to process anything;
    doesn't have to tune any channels. The card can simply show/record whatever channel is "ON" on the receiver. I
    guess this is the difference between a CAPUTER card and a TUNER/DVB card.

    2, At the same time, the Quality should be the same as the DVB cards I mentioned before.

    In this way, I can get Lossless capture quality and also avoid all the hassle with the setup/tuning whatever.

    I don't know if the cards like Hauppauge WIN-TV PVR 150 etc can match the quality of DVB cards!?

    Please suggest some cards for me

    (my satellite receiver has COMPONENET, S-VIDEO and RCA the card be any of these type)
    (i really don't care about having a radio, remote control etc either)
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    Are you just interested in standard definition or also high definition?

    Since you are capturing from the analog outputs of the satellite receiver, you are limited to the quality of the receiver tuner and analog video. Choices are to capture from the S-Video port (analog NTSC) or from the YPbPr analog components. There are three classes of capture devices.

    1. Tuners that also capture S-Video to uncompressed YCbCr at ~ 140MB/s. Most people use huffyuv or Lagarith compression to reduce bitrates to more manageable 30-38MB/s but these are still result in huge capture files.

    2. Tuners or other devices that capture S-Video with a hardware codec. Typical formats are MPeg2 (e.g. Hauppauge PVR series), MPeg4 (e.g. Plextor ConvertX PVR PX-TV402U) or DV (e.g. Canopus ADVC series). MPeg2 devices can capture at DVD ready bitrates or higher for those that want to filter or add effects editing.

    3. Analog component capture device to SMPTE 270M SDI YCbCr @ ~33 MB/s. Alternative is the Black Magic Intensity Pro that captures analog components uncompressed direct to the PCIe bus @ 21.5MB/s SD (75GB/hr) or 120MB/s HD (422GB/hr). RAID disk systems are required.

    Real time compression can be applied to these uncompressed streams if you have a fast enough computer. BlackMagic's MJPEG codec can reduce SD to 5MB/s (18GB/hr) and HD to 13MB/s (46GB/hr) which are within the sustained transfer rate for a single 7200rpm PATA/SATA drive. Better quality can be reached at similar bitrates using the Cineform fractal encoder.
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  3. I heard the DVB-S card from terratec is good (not supporting HD)
    It's got BA drivers so it can work with most dvb softwares

    go to their official website & search for that

    if you wanna decrypt channels without a CM 'n stuff the simplest choice will be a "phoenix card reader" this is the most used & efficient card reader.

    I say this because i'm interested in buying such devices too and the last week i've browsed the net & found tons of good infos on this subject.
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    I agree if you can find a way to tune and decode the dvb input, you will have a smaller higher quality file.
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