Im using ImTOO DVD Ripper Platinum 4 to rip some ac3 2ch files to wav 44.1khz 16bit 1411kbps. In the settings/ preferences/ dvd tab there is a dolby surround option that is checked. the manual says "Dolby Surround: If the box is checked, the better 5.1 FX will be maintained in the stereo". My question is does anyone know if it effects the my file if i am ripping it to a wav and not an ac3 file? I have ripped it both it ways and it sounds and looks identical in sound forge. I was wondering if someone knew forsure.

I have one other question. For the best quality, should i be ripping my wavs with ImTOO DVD Ripper and adjusting the volume through the settings/ preferences/ dvd tab or should i rip them through DVD Audio Extractor with no normalization and adjust the volume through Sound Forge Later?

Thank You Very Much For Your Time And Effort
I Really Appriciate It