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    Anyone figure out region free hack for this machine with a manufactured date of 2007? I checked the Hack section but that code does not work since the system menu has changed. any help or info would be appreciated thanks!!!
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  2. I have a hack for it.. it worked on my player but now I have a different issue. It works on a small tv but when I hook it up to my larger tv the image constantly flickers and drives me nuts! I can't figure out how to stop it.. but on the little tv plays no issues at all. The big TV has no image stabilization knob, it has prograssive scan but it won't go to the ON possision on the DVD player for some reason. If you can help me with this issue I would be very grateful!

    OK here is the hack for the Magnavox MDV460

    It works on these other models too!

    Magnavox MDV434 / MDV455 / MDV458 / MDV458/17 / MDV460

    Turn on the player (without a disc inserted)
    Press "System Menu"
    Go to "Preferences"
    Press 135566
    Select the new menu entry "Region Code"
    Select region with UP/DOWN (0 = multi-region)
    Press MENU, POWER
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