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    i seem to be having problems burning an iso to dvd-r
    i first used dvd decrypter to burn the iso and the disc seemed to burn and verify fine.
    when i tried to play the disc it froze about 10 seconds into the disc
    i took the disc out of the player and re-inserted it.
    i used the chapter marks to skip past the point where it stuck then rewound the disc to a point just
    before the sticky point. the disc played the rest of the way through.
    the blank media that i used was the notorious mis-labelled maxells supposedly mij but
    actually ritek.
    i then purchased some verbatim mij tygo3 and burned the iso again, this time i used img burn.
    again the disc burned and verified fine but stuck at another point during playback.
    i then tried burning a disc using nero which was ripped in file mode onto both the maxell and verbatim media.
    both discs burned, verified and played perfectly.
    i always thought that burning iso was a more reliable method but for me it seems the file mode discs are working better.
    this is the first time that i have had problems with iso,s.
    during both burns of the iso i noticed that the buffer for both dvd decrypter and img burn dropped really low,
    could this be the cause of the problem ?
    my main question is - is there any way to convert the iso to files so i can re-burn with nero ?
    this will enable me to work out wether the iso is corrupt or it is maybe a wrong setting in dvd decrypter or img burn
    which are both set to default setting.
    any help will be much appreciated
    many thanks in advance.
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    Extract the content from the iso with isobuster, daemon tools, etc. Then burn the video_ts folder with nero or imgburn. If that wont work either it may be something wrong with the video, so you might have to reauthor or reconvert it.
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