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  1. I usually make Divx Ultra Discs to squeeze more stuff onto a disc. But this format might not be supported in the future. I am thinking of downloading Super and AutoGK to put on my new computer which has the dual core processor. I read in the comments for AutoGK that someone reported some spyware in the program. I want to use these programs, but I want to make sure they are safe to put on my computer. My dual core is working great, it is real workhorse and I am glad that I invested in.

    I use my Hauppauge to record to mpeg2 format 720x480. I want to be able to back stuff up to the .avi format so I can use my Phillips 5140 to play them on my tv.

    I just want to be certain there are no spyware or other nasty stuff in AutoGk and Super or the programs that they are a front end to. Thanks in advance for any advice that you can give me concerning this matter.
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  2. Hi-

    I don't know anything about Super, but AutoGK is safe. The spyware stuff was a long time ago.
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    Read the Super guarantee on their website.......virus/spyware free DL'd.....
    I use Super and AutoGk ,no probs to date.........
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  4. manono & t0nee1 thank you for responding to this topic. I am going to download these programs and use them. Once again, thank you both for taking the time to answer my questions.
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