If you are getting crashes of SVCD2DVD/ffmpeg when encoding your DVDs, and this seems to be happening on just about any file you try... Please read on.

Video encoding (which is what we are talking about) is a VERY PROCESSOR INTENSIVE. It is not uncommon to have your CPU running at 100% for hours whilst encoding a DVD and this is not just for SVCD2DVD but any encoder/converter that is performing optimally.

When running at high loads – your CPU produces lots of heat. When that heat gets to about 60 degrees your system will become unstable and eventually crash the PC or application causing the load.

Now normally your CPU should not get to this state but lack of adequate cooling (poor fans/build up of dust in case or fans or cooling fins) or poor overclocking strategies can allow it. If your PC never had this issue and now does - THE MOST LIKLY CAUSE IS THE BUILD UP OF DUST in the case (in particular around the fans and CPU).

Here is a black and white test to see if you have a CPU which is prone to overheating:

- Make sure you have no important work in progress – best to close all programs.
- Download the Orthos CPU stress tester. Run it and click “Start”... You SHOULD be able to run this test for several hours (read overnight!) no problem. If your PC or the program crashes – you have an overheating problem.

If Orthos crashes your PC then so will video encoding (SVCD2DVD etc)....

What to do? Open the lid on your PC, vacuum the dust - carefully - and pay particular attention to the case fan and CPU fan/heatsink. Once happy you have no dust - re test with Orthos.

Once Orthos is happy, you can be happy that your CPU cooling is adequate and so you will have no problem with SVCD2DVD (or any video encoder) causing your PC to crash.

If you need proof that this does indeed happen and that vacuuming resolves the issue search THIS forum for “dust”