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    I checked an earlier forum post and downloaded FLV metadata injector but that didn't work on the file. I had nothing checked in the metadata injector GUI so I don't know if that affected the injection. Any ideas?
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    Some files aren't properly indexed or the indexing is corrupt (also occurs in asf/wmv/avi files), which results in the file being unseekable. Quite often, the fix is to simply open the file with an editing tool (that supports the file type you are having trouble) and simply saving a new copy. I haven't done this with flv files, but it should apply.
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  3. Most FLV files is not seekable in VLC.
    I'm check many different FLV's and always not seekable in VLC.

    However - no problem in SMPlayer, Media Player Classic (FLV Splitter build-in), The KMPlayer and DirectShow players when used FLV Splitter (Gabest).
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