I have been a registered user of SVCD2DVD for awhile now and used to convert many
VCD/SVCD and Xvids to DVDs when most DVD players did not play Xvid/Divx format.

For the past year or so most DVD players sold here in OZ play Xvid/DivX and I have been using
the program less and less.

One area where I have not found a simple easy to use tool at the moment is for the conversion
of high definition MKV files to Xvid. I know SVCD2DVD does MKV to DVD conversion but the resultant
file size is almost always to large to fit on a single layer DVD without loss of quality (i.e. Using fit on disc).

Given your program already converts to MKV files would it be possible to extend it to provide
MKV -> XVid or DIVX ULTRA conversion function? I think many users would find that a valuable
addition to your program.

If you do not believe this is functionality that you would like to provide in SVCD2DVD and know
of any easy to use MKV to Xvid/DivX converters please let me know.