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    I had 2 WD's in my PC.
    I used the WD Tools in DOS at startup to 'Write Zeros' to my hard disk.
    Unfortunately i stupidly got the wrong one!
    I wiped over 13, 000 mp3s off.
    Luckily it was a quick Erase so it it zeroed every 1000th secotr or somethingl ike that!

    I went back into windows and when i tried accessing the drive it asked me if i wanted to format, i clicked NO.
    I then used Runtimes Get Data Back, scanned it for 3 hours. Then saw all my data there secure undamaged and managed to retrieve what i thought was all of it!
    Is there a chance i owuld have lost things that wouldnt have even been displayed on the results of that software which would have been caused from the 'zeroesing at every last 1000th sector'? Basically would the things deleted off those sectors not show up in the results of Get Data Back?

    Cheers guys.
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    Thats a long time ... drive rescue , even though its no longer developed , would have been faster .
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  3. I once used get data back to recover a bunch of mp3's & some ended up corrupt. Winamp showed them as not having a time length.
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