Hi, I'm very new to this area of technology so apologies in advance.
The following is part of a test machine for a unit which includes a small camera.
I have a V-Stream 'VS-883DV-PRO' capture card installed in a WinXP PC, the 'Composite Input' will be either PAL or sometimes NTSC camera. I have AMCap software installed, to show a preview window of the camera output (for manual verification) & this works very well for PAL.
When an NTSC camera is connected the preview window display has lost sync (image is shifted vertically) with no colour. The cameras have been verified as good using Video Monitor, which indicated NTSC as detected format. I can manually select NTSC in the AMCap setup menu, but this has no affect on display & it will not hold i.e. if go back to verify the format setting it is back at PAL !
Is there something from the capture card which determines the format or is this purely a manual setting in the software?
What could stop AMCap automatically or manually switching to NTSC?
Further at the end I would like to have a method by which when connecting PAL units the preview window would be forced into & LOCKED in PAL mode & vice versa for NTSC. Could AMCap or other capture program be started from command line with switch to force PAL/ NTSC mode?

Any information/help most appreciated.