Me again with my pesky episodic DVDs.

I have a TV series with 7 episodes. I put 4 on one DVD and 3 on a second. The 4-episode DVD gets compressed to 1/2 D1. Looks fine and plays no problem. The 3-episode DVD gets compressed to Full D1. It plays fine too and it looks even better. But it actually takes as long or longer to convert as the 4-episode DVD.

I would like to be able to force the 3-ep DVD to be compressed the same as the 4-ep. That could be by having a menu or buttons for different compressions or by somehow "reserving" 1/4 of the DVD (declare it as 3 gigs, for example).

This would speed things up, and make all the eps look the same.

I checked the configuration page, but it only seemed to be concerned with matrices - not something I want to mess with or understand.