Does there exist a program that can analyze & compare two or more DV captures of the same VHS tape (possibly captured using different VCRs, differently-tweaked tracking, etc) and automatically identify dropped frames in the "main" (reference) capture that might have been successfully captured in the other? Preferably, in a way that makes it easy to visually compare the two ranges, and copy a block of frames from the second into the first if appropriate?

Likewise, one BIG problem I encountered with the video I captured is that the hi-fi audio track had a loud buzz unless I adjusted the tracking to the point where the picture became unstable, so I ended up having to capture it with mono audio instead. Is there any program that would let me record the tape's hi-fi audio with the tracking optimized for it, then automatically resample it to the temporal rate of the mono track & ultimately replace the mono track with the resampled hi-fi track?