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    Posted: Sep 10, 2007 01:08


    Have been using svcd2dvd for over 18month now

    But Had problems with svcd2dvd v 2.5 so uninstalled,
    But I cannot reg now i get the following

    Please wait a few seconds whilst your machine license is generated...

    ****** You have reached your license limit.

    Either contact or try again later:

    You are allowed 3 machine licences per registration. In addition, once a license is 60 days old you are entitled to another one.

    But i dont have more than one version installed can anyone help please thanks

    have contacted twice now but not had any help

    Is there anyone here who can help me with this
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  2. Be patient, we all have lives away from here. As soon as ChrissyBoy can address your problem, he will. Multiple topics and insults won't help.

    "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."
    - Herm Albright
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