Hi Everyone,

I have a PDA phone + mini SD WIFI adapter running on Window Mobile 6. I am able to connect to the SMC access point when I turn off the security setting.
Here are my SMC wireless access point setting.

Wireless Encryption - Allow Client Type : WPA/WPA2 only

Access Control - Enable MAC Filtering (Enable)
- Access Rule for registered MAC address (Allow)
- MAC Filtering Table (up to 32 stations): 2 MAC address for laptop and 1 mini SD WIFI adapter

WEP - WEB mode (64bits)
- Key Entry Mode (HEX)
- Encryption Key - Set Default Key ID (1)

WPA/WPA2 - Cipher suite TKIP+AES (WPA/WPA2)AES (WPA2 Only)
- Pre-shared key type Passphrase (8~63 characters)
- Pre-shared Key (I leave it blank)
- Group Key Re_Keying Per 1800 Seconds

Any tips on how to setup the Window Mobile 6 to access the SMC access point will be very much appreciated.