I'm trying to replace my broken Avayon dvd player with a better brand. The avayon's laser broke after 3 months, and everytime i put a dvd in it just says loading, so annoying.

Anyways, so I bought a Philips, it works great but the subtitles from a fansubbed avi (srt format) will get cut off. Not all of them, but those longer ones.... this didn't happen with the avayon or on laptop. I also noticed that they change the fonts of the subtitles on Philips (not a problem but cutting off is a HUGE problem for me).

Is it because I'm not using a wide screen tv? Are there any settings where I can choose to fix this? I don't want to have to re-encode anything since I have the avi and srt file all ready to just be burnt onto a DVD to watch on a stand alone dvd player.

I downloaded subtitle workshop, but I'm not sure what settings to split the text so that it will display the entire length of the subtitles!! Thanks!