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    i used Virtualdubmod but the speed is awfully slow. something wrong? what does this software do actually to my video? sory for my super novice enquire....
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    Define "slow" ... what are you actually trying to accomplish ?

    It dosent do anything to your video , without user input ... it cant read minds ... yet

    As for what vdub can do :

    Change video fps (video frame rate)
    Save as avi , with audio or not .
    Realign audio using "audio scew" function
    Apply video filters , such as resize , blur , subtitle , more
    Strip audio as wav at different hz rates
    Replace audio with new
    Clip avi , save as multiple parts , discard unwanted parts .
    Frameserve ... to bbmpeg , tmpgenc , other's
    Recompress video / audio using other codec compressors
    And more

    If using multiple features then what ever the outcome , it will take longer to process .
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