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    i have 2 versions of a movie(Xvid). 1st one has poor video quality, while the 2nd one is much better,
    but alas, it's dubbed with foreign language. i wish to replace 2nd sound track with the 1st one.
    problem is, both versions differ in Time and FPS. 1st one(23.976Fps) is about 5 mins longer than the
    2nd(25.00FPS), and its audio sampling is 44,100Hz Vs 48,000Hz in the 2nd one.
    i know how to save both streams seperately with VirtualDubMod, but i realize that some shrinking
    must be involved here, as the delay is not a constant factor, but increasing gradually.
    question is, is it possible? can i expect any good results at all?
    i don't mind the hard work, if any, just for the kicks, and learn something meanwhile.

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  2. Besweet can convert the audio from PAL to NTSC.

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