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  1. I just got a 19" Westinghouse widescreen monitor for my computer (great deal at Best Buy). I can play DVDs with the VLC and PowerDVD with the player window smaller than fullscreen (though there are some vertical lines evident on the video) but when I double click it to play fullscreen, playback becomes incredibly jerky (audio too). I am using the VGA hookup (I thought the DVI cable came with it too, my video card has both inputs) and I only have 512MB of memory. Are either of these an issue with playback at 1440x900 screen resolution?
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    When I bought a 22" widescreen monitor, I had to get a faster video card.

    The DVI connector is much higher quality than the analog. Use it if you can.

    You can start with:

    1) Upgrading your video card drivers
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  3. Make sure video overlay is enabled in both the player and the graphics card's setup applet.
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  4. Updating the video card drivers helped though I'll have to look for a DVI-D cable since it didn't come with the monitor. Even with the VGA cable, anamorphic video now looks incredible.
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  5. A DVI cable may or may not get you better quality with video. It might make more of a difference with small text in applications. Video generally does not contain the ultra sharp detail you'll find on the desktop. Manufacturers often use low quality analog to digital converters in their LCD monitors on the assumption than anyone who wants quality will be using the digital connection instead. In any case, a decent DVI cable only costs about US$15.
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