Converting AVI to MKV with VoRbis

I found many errors when I try to encoding any avi files to MKV.

I used meGUI, Avisynth, and mkvmerge to mux.

I have encoded a file successfully with 25FPS but this time the file has 23.976. So I read some tutorials on this site knew how to create an Acisynth script but unfortunately, I always get an error message saying "timeout wait for the graph to start" something similar to that.

This is what all I did when I create an avisynth script,

-I browse the avi file
-My input DAR is always custom.
-I check "Clever (TM) anarmorphic encoding" then select "overcropped to achieve mod16"
-Then I go to "Filter" tab and I select the "Resize Filter" to lanczos4 (sharp) and I can see the FPS at the bottom, 23.976. (can I normally set it to like 25FPS?) I know the lenth of the movie will get shorter but I am thinking that the audio won't sync correctly

-then I press "Preview AVS Script" then save my avs

(btw, in the tutorial I read, the guy said I need to "analyse" it or something but when I press on it, it doesn't work.

-but the saving takes too long and shows me an error message again,

DirectSourceShow: Timedout waiting the graph to start.
then my folder address xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, line 4)

what does it mean?

but the script I saved goes into the Avisynth script field on meGUI.

-then I did some calculation for the output file size I want, 450mb.
-I select x264 for codec and file format for mkv and video profile for AE-GoodQuality
-I press the config and go to main tab
-I check turbo box and select automated 2 pass for the mode under "General" section.
-and 484 kbps for the birate and that's all what I do in the Main Tab
-I go to RC and ME

what I read in the tutorial, the guy said I have to multiply the FPS with 10 and put that in keygram interval right? so what do I put there? I put the 10x of 23.976? or the output FPS I want? if 23.976, what will it be? 230?

-then my M.E. Algorithm is - Hexagon
-my subpixel refinement is - 6 - RD0 (SLOW)
-the I press OK on that window.

Now I press "Enqueue" and it will just give me a piece of error message,


"(my folder address xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\project.mkv.avs cannot be opened.

Error message for your refrence: DirectShowShource: Timedout waiting the graph to start.
(my folder address xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\project.mkv.avs, line 4)

project.mkv.avs is the name I gave for my AVS file

I press OK on that message and meGUI won't just add the job.

ANY IDEA? can someone pls help me out or point me where I did the settings wrong.

Much Appreciated for your review.

MKV Crazy