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    I am trying to capture audio snippets of a dvd - funny lines of a film - so that I can use for a mobile ring tone etc...
    As far as my research goes there are two ways: use a dvd to audio program - that converts a selected chapter (and then use an audio program to chop the chapter up according to the exact snippet you want)
    or use a sound recording program to record you 'line out' output.

    I am having problems recording anything that comes out of my speakers - and I was wondering what are the troubleshooting steps to solve this issue...?

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    Welcome dagmd

    A: Dvdshrink in reauthor mode to snipe sections of interest .
    B: Besweet can open vob , and output audio as wav .

    C: Depending on mobile phone requirements for audio ... thats up to you to find out in order to convert them into playable format on the device .

    Super , or other for that ... you might even be lucky enough that a disc came with phone with included utilities for such work ... but many dont .

    Ps : Remember to mention phone make and model .

    Audacity can record from speaker output .
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