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    For the same price I can get either a JVC HR-S6970 or a JVC HR-S9500 VCR.
    Both are S-VHS, PAL.

    Which one is a better source for my analog (+uncompressed) capture card?
    I plan to do noise reduction and such on the PC.

    I have been offered both, and cannot find others. So I have these exact two options.

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  2. I have an HR-S6970 and it's really awesome. It does not have TBC or DNR, but there are of course other way to handle noise reduction.

    I've found that while an internal JVC TBC can be a benefit in some ways, it also has its faults. For example, it greatly dulls the color saturation down to something rather lifeless, and can introduce bad jitter in worn tapes and This is true on all JVC models I've used (9600, 8850, 7600, etc.) I'm surprised no one has ever mentioned the color issue in the endless discussions about JVC VCRs and their "amazing" TBCs.

    The audio on the 6970 is also quite superior. This is extremely important to me, as I work with mainly music stuff. The one tip I could recommend with the 6970 is to set the picture mode to "EDIT". The default (AUTO) blurs out the picture to much. It's kind of like a quasi-noise reduction mode, but an inefficient one. You'll get much more detail in the edit mode!

    Good luck with what ever you choose!
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    Hi I think the 9500 is better value for money. You can turn the tbc off. When comparing my JVC s5955(no tbc) with my JVC with tbc HM-HDS1 they look pretty much the same with tbc off. Its just an extra optional filter.
    I've discused the colour issue and other have. I think some Panasonic svhs with tbc's are 'generally' better, not perfect though. Best search for topics. You'll be limited to which models you can get or use by your location and colour system. I thing the best panasonics are only PAL HS-930, 960, and 860.
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