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  1. Does anyone know of a place which lists DVD players which have hacks to skip the User Operation Prohibited actions? The UOPs are what makes it so that you can't skip the commercials, previews, FBI Warnings, etc. I'd really like to find the players which have UOP hacks enabled through the remote codes or firmware updates on DVD.

    I've viewed the DVD hacks here at, but I can't seem to search the comments. That means I have to look at a specific DVD player to see if it has a hack. I'm looking to get a new DVD player, and one of my primary criteria is being able to skip UOPs.
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    I've never seen one myself. However, you can RIP a disc, remove the UOP, and burn a new copy.
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  3. Oppos can,you hit Stop then then goes to the main movie.
    Not to mention Oppos play PAL and can be made region-free.
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    I know of no such list. Some years ago when certain Chinese made DVD players (ie. Apex, Sampo, etc.) could have their firmware replaced with truly hacked firmware, it was possible to get new hacked firmware with this feature. These days when people talk about "hacks" they are referring to entering codes on a remote control to turn on certain features that are off by default. I've never heard of any players that you let you skip PUOs by simply entering a code on a remote control.
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  5. Like MOVIEGEEK said, the Oppos can do it. It's a nice feature, too. For example, in the FAQ for the 970HD over at the AVS Forums, it says:
    To skip over the majority of warnings, promos, etc:

    As soon as the DVD will allow:
    1. Press Stop
    2. Press Menu
    "Direct Play" may appear briefly on the screen and the movie should begin.
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