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    I was able to utilize ripit4me together with its three companion programs to rip an older DVD called Forbidden Planet. This DVD happens to be a widescreen edition on one side and a standard screen edition (4:3) on the other. I processed the widescreen side. Somewhere in the process, it mentioned that CSS was used as copy protection.

    Everything ran smoothly. I ended up with ten files; six of which were vob files plus two .bup and two .ifo files. At this point, I was not sure how to go about burning a DVD with them, so I imported them into WinDVD Creator. I burned a DVD which played OK on my living room player.

    Problems: First there were several short clips which had no sound associated with them. I thought the whole thing was NG, but eventually, the main movie started, and the sound was fine -- even in sync. The picture, however, seemed to have rather poor resolution, certainly not as good as the original. Also, the aspect ration was such that the human subjects all seemed stretched, mostly in the horizontal direction. The color seemed OK.

    Can anyone suggest the best way to have burned the DVD? How does one produce better resolution? What about the aspect ration?

    Thanks for any comments.
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    pauldb wrote"Can anyone suggest the best way to have burned the DVD?
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    Originally Posted by pauldb

    At this point, I was not sure how to go about burning a DVD with them,
    That's certainly true. Had you done any research on this, you probably would have found guides on how to rip and then burn and not had this problem. Here's one way to do it:

    If you need to shrink a dual layer DVD to single layer size for burning, DVD Shrink is the best tool for newbies to use.

    Your problem almost certainly is that WinDVD Creator changed the aspect ratio of your rip to 4:3 when it created the DVD you burned. What you are seeing is consistent with a 4:3 video being stretched to 16:9 size. Had WinDVD Creator put a 16:9 flag in the video, you would not have this problem. Yes, I DO understand that you ripped a widescreen movie, but WinDVD Creator encoded the flag as 4:3, so when you tried to watch it in 16:9 mode on your TV, you were seeing a 4:3 encoded movie being incorrectly stretched to fill the screen, even though the film actually was in 16:9. The aspect ratio got messed up by WinDVD Creator, although if you knew what you were doing, it was possible to fix this with IFOEdit prior to burning the DVD.
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