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    Hi All.
    I am wanting to produce a CD which is basically loke a catalogue. I have arount 80 mpeg1 files of 3.33MB each and want to put them on a CD that when placed in any PC will autopplay and start up with a short intro video (mpeg1 also) and then display a list so that when you click on any of the mpeg1 files - (in this case they are shots of cattle in a sale) the actual mpeg1 file plays back for you in Media Player I assume. I don't know if this VCDEasy is what I am after. I am prepared to purchase it as soon as I can to get this catalogue produced so I need to know if it is what I need & where I can get it also.....Need help today.
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    VCDEasy should work for you like you're thinking, although it's not as "EASY" as a newbie might be looking for...You may need to do some manual adjusting.

    Also, watch out, you're getting awful close to the limit of clips available in the VCD spec (<=98 MPEG1 tracks). You'll probably want to make your "menu" stills with hotspots & numbering (to work REAL smoothly and to stay under the limit for tracks), and that WILL take some manual work.

    Also, note that this doesn't mean you'll work in EVERY player, nor that you'll autorun. It should work ok in PCs that have Roxio VCD_Play, WinDVD, PowerDVD, and similar players and it should work in hardware settop players that support VCD on CD-R. Most of the former would possibly be configured for autorun (but not necessarily), but it's quite unlikely that hardware settops would autorun VCDs (possible, but not common--that's all determined by each mfr's firmware).

    Have done a similar catalog (pipe tubing mfr.), so I know it does work...

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