Hi everyone!

I bought this little piece of Software mainly for my new backups and transcoding for the Xbox 360, but I'm having a little problem...

When encoding a musical videoclip (most accurate a korean music video with lots of lightning and stuff), the video is encoded pretty nice, the computer plays them flawlessly, but the 360 appears to slow down the video when lots of effects appear in the scene, and goes back to normal playback when there's not to much of them...

Encoded the same with Megui, and the video plays fine even in the 360, so maybe there's a setting for fixing this kind of trouble in future encodes (is the first video to do this, Mpeg-2 video).

I'm not so experienced with this codec, so if anyone knows about it, I'll appreciate the help.

I would continued using megui but 60% of the videos encoded doesn't even mux or play in the 360, not even creating templates, so I opted for Mainconcept from recomendations from one of my friends at job.

And if anyone knows how to configure it to encode High profile videos to play in the 360 because only Baseline and Main profile seems to work, will be very appreciated too.

Thanks in overhand