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  1. Send a VideoHelp private message (PM) to VH member Hkan, and ask if he could possibly help with this. He was the creator of the now-defunct PioneerFAQ webste, and should be able to tell you a good link to GGV1256 disc image. He does not log in here to VH too often anymore because there is so little interest in discussing DVD recorders nowadays (the last Pioneer recorders were discontinued over ten years ago). But he does usually respond to PM requests, tho it may take several days for him to locate a service disc link. Please only send him one request: many many people ask for his help, so it may take some time before he can respond. If you do not hear from him immediately it means he is very busy at the moment, but will eventually answer.
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    ok thank you i got the dvd GGV1256 from Hamster page Poland i burn it with Nero and DVD+RW
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