Moved with family and lots of US DVDs from US to Germany, have this German version of the DVD player (code 2) and would like to use it as code 1 (US) now...for that change in settings I just bought the OFA 4, URC 7740, and got it to work with the DVD player, i.e. switch it on/off, but I cannot get to the dashes for entering the unlock always shows "no disk" in the display, as I have no DVD in the player....any help or hint????
Now I tried one other hint, press PLAY & 159, now I got to the dashes...tried with 222 222 005 255 & PLAY, as well as with 121 212 005 255 & PLAY. In both cases the player freezes and I can only power down by removing the power cord, ones power cord reinstalled it works normal, but still shows ERROR when US DVD loaded
Found this code on the screen, while in the DVD settings:
Philips '01-'02 5580 4.81.24 030509P22201200 7.12.0, assume this means firm ware 7.12???
upgraded successfull firmware with original RC from 22201200 to 22202300 for PAL prog scan
and tried region hack again, still negativ
Does this helps to find out how to unlock the country code???