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  1. I'm having problems with my fresh install of MCE2005. My TV is capable of 1080i and set my resolution to that, but I find that I need to underscan to 1036 to get everything in frame.However when I do that and watch video in MCE, it doesn't fill the screen. I get about an inch of black on both sides of the pictue.This tends to be more noticable when I play DVDs more than anything, but my HD-TS files have about a quarter of an inch at either side.

    This is what happens when I underscan:

    But this is what happens when I choose 1080i and have flat panel set in the options within MCE:

    The drivers I'm using for my Nvidia 7600GT are 94.24's for MCE.I have Koepi's full codec pack installed and Power DVD 7.3 If you need any other info, I'll provide it.I've just tried a lot of different drivers and codecs and nothing seems to work.

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    Codec packs are rubbish. If you ever want to narrow down an issue to a codec you'll have much more success installing them individually, which is the preferred method anyway.

    However I don't think this is a codec issue. What connection are you using to connect your 7600GT to your 1080i TV? If it's DVI then you should be having zero issues as Windows will detect the connection and MCE will know what to do with it. If you're using component then you may run into the overscan issue. edDV should weigh in on this, he's pretty sharp about overscan and the type of connection being used.

    I have the same video card running MCE and I have no issues with HD content on my 1080p TV, but then interlaced HD sets have always been a mystery to me. What is your HD source? You have an HD-DVD or BRD drive or is it an HD tuner? What sort of CPU usage are you getting when playing back HD MPEG2 with those codecs? If you're getting any more than 3-4% CPU use when playing back HD then you should get nVidia's MPEG2 codec. It isn't free but it enables the hardware decoding that the 7600GT has built into it (the reason I purchased one). However I'm curious to see if other MPEG2 codecs still take advantage of the hardware decoding abilities of the card.
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  3. I believe HDMI, DVI, component, s-video, and composite inputs are usually overscanned by televisions. VGA inputs are usually not overscanned.
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  4. I'm going out through DVI with a DVI to HDMI cable. I got it all to work about six months ago, but then my hard drive failed and I can't remember what I did.

    Well firstly before I address the video problem, I want to figure out the problem with the upper MCE 'bar'. When set to 1920x1080i the blue bar gets cut off.I have to set 'rear projection' in media center for it to return to where it should be.But this the make the bottom left preview screen, become slightly cut off.If I could solve this, then there would really be no issue, except getting x.264 videos to work without koepi's pack.

    My source in those images, is a 16:9 DVD ripped to the hard drive. Other contect such as MPEG-TS seem to be affected, but to a lesser extent.

    I got sick and tired of trying to figure it out.So I reinstalled MCE.Now I'm just waiting to see the responses before I go ahead an install the codecs.
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  5. You can use ffdshow (free) or CoreAVC (inexpensive but may not be available now) for decoding the x.264 video but you'll probably need a splitter for the container. Haali Media Splitter will probably work.
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  6. Originally Posted by jagabo
    You can use ffdshow (free) or CoreAVC (inexpensive but may not be available now) for decoding the x.264 video but you'll probably need a splitter for the container. Haali Media Splitter will probably work.
    I did use these but Haali always affects my MPEG-TS files, in a bad way.I'm not sure how to get it to only work with x.264
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