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    I have just bought one of these:

    I am in the process of setting it up between my laptop and plasma, so I can use my plasma like a PC and have access to all my video's/music/photo's, etc, as well as internet and email from the sofa. Also got a 400GB External HDD to complete the package and take the strain off the laptop.

    I know it can directly record and encode music into MP3 format from Sky or whatever other source, but don't think it can capture video.

    Is there a way I can do this? I have SkyHD with a HDD but I'd like to be ab;e to archive stuff on my 400GB external HDD.

    Thanks for any advice/suggestions.
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    Just exactly what equipment is it you have .

    Is your intention to record from a subscripted service ... yes / no ... syktv / comcast / austar / ect .

    Then you need to check out grex :

    And you need some sort of recording device ... dvd topset recorder / pc capture device
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