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    I'm having trouble with the latest version of GUI for DVDauthor (actually the previous version did the same thing). Every time I try to burn a DVD after setting up the menus and importing video files, it starts up and immediately crashes my computer and automatically reboots. In addition, when I use Video Redo to strip commercials and prepare MPEGs for use in GFD, it also crashes my machine. I use GFD in a very simple manner, just import videos, set up the menus, and burn using Nero. I have successfully burned over 50 DVDs in this manner.

    I get no errors in the windows event viewer. Where are the logs stored for GFD, and would there be any useful information contained in them?

    I have been using GFD for about a year now, and Video Redo for several years, and only recently have I started having these crash issues.

    Any ideas what the problem is?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Actually I have no idea. You may try to use the 'create batch' function to check if the error is 'inside' GfD already or after starting the underlying command line programs. If the 'create batch' runs without error, run the batch files in the order given in the mainbatch.bat file (but don't start it directly). Then report back where the problem occurs.
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