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    Hello I am a newbee.If I am posting this in the wrong place or if this is being anwswered already please have mercy on my soul. I did do a lots of reading and searching, but did not find the answer to my question.
    My question is this does anyone knows hoe to convert a .m2t file to a .avi.
    Many thanks in advance
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  2. Here's one way. Open the M2T in DGIndex (use the drop-down box) and create a D2V project file. You'll be demuxing the audio at the same time. Then use that D2V together with MPEG2Source in an AviSynth file for frameserving to your favorite encoder (VDubMod, maybe) for reencoding to AVI. Do other filtering (crop, resize, IVTC, etc.) in the AviSynth file. During the DGIndex step, you can also get the M2V with Save Project and Demux Video, if that helps you more. But using the D2V is a better method.
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