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  1. i bought a Daytek DVR-P30 a little over a year ago... it was great for the first 10 months... recently, when I try to erase a DVD+RW discs (which have no scratches/fingerprints,etc) using the Easy Guider tool, it pauses at 80% then says FAIL. I try these same discs a few times and eventually it erases them.

    Also, on many days, I've set a timer to record TV, and it did, but then when I go back to play the recorded material, the disc does not play in any dvd player or recorder... it just recorded a dud disc.

    anyone know what i could try? a lens cleaner? dry or wet? hit it with my fist?
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    Sounds like a laser tracking or other hardware issue. I say tracking only because you state it gets to 80% of a disc when erasing. Chances are it is having similar issues while burning causing the last 20% of the disc to not burn properly or it is just unreadable, which would cause the disc to appear blank.

    You could try getting it repaired, which isn't likely to be cost effective unless it is under warranty. Otherwise, it is most likely time to replace it.
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  3. Another test I just did over the last two nights is to hit record when I go to bed, the disc fills up and stops. when i wake up, the recorder is still on, so i hit play and the disc loads and plays the recording. when I power off or eject and then try to play the disc 30 seconds later, the disc fails to load.

    Does this help deduce the problem?
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  4. That Daytek is a Liteon clone.

    Can I assume that the problem is with the +RW disks and not the +R
    I have had similar problems with +RW disks. I don’t think it’s a problem with the machine or the disks. It seems to happen when another operator or I do something that is not liked by the unit. Out of some 150 +RW disks I had some50 similar problems and 10 disks that had to be thrown away. [This was sometime back and occurred even with a unit that had a replacement 1693s drive].

    I used a PC with Nero and did a FULL ERASE of the disk [Did not format it] Put it in the recorder, it was recognized as a Blank disk and prepared [Format] the disk.
    For a small number I had to do this 2 or three times.
    As said I lost about 10 disks. This was some 13 months ago and I have been careful since.
    BUT!!! I rushed the process with 5 disks last week and was able to correct the errors on all disks doing the above

    Just for info
    The unit only does a Quick erase and because of something done, FAILS.
    This is my opinion
    While the disk may show Empty [or Fail in the erase process at about 80%]. it will not be accepted or if it is attempting to record it might say it is but is not’
    I feel that its because the unit is reading information that is still on the disk even though it was erased In the unit. Repeated such erasing can cause further problems
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  5. so you're saying that if i use NERO FULL ERASE always to erase DVD+RWs instead of the Easer Guider quick erase on the recorder itself, I should have no problems?

    So going forward, erase with my PC only?
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    DVD+RW die fast too. They might just be crap, used or not. It's quite common.

    Out of about 200 DVD+RW discs that I've owned, I think I have maybe 35 left. And those die off slowly. Lots of folks echo this sort of experience.

    See if there are any craters or streaks in the phase change material.

    My best discs are INFODISCA1 DVD+RW, outlasted even the MCC/MKM discs, although I had to toss about 20-25% of them in the beginning.
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  7. No
    I don't use Nero except when I have a problem such as stated.
    The process has worked for me and I use Verbatim +RW disks. The disks have been used over many times.
    I would agree that the use or an RW disk can be a problem but at this point I feel its a problem of our own making.
    Give it a try. If a disk that reported problems before, is now OK record on it, play it back than erase it in the recorder and see if is now OK
    What have you got to loose
    AS I said! When a problam does occur I feel that continuing to erase on the recorder. leads to further problems. I stop right there and go through the Nero bit

    Again I Assume by your posts That your are not having problems with +R disks

    I have and use a good 200 or more +RW disks I still have all but about 15, thats for some 2 yr.
    I only use them in rcording material that will only be used once. For others I use +R 0r -R disks. Mostly Verbatim but have used a number of other brands with no problems

    Again I would agree that RW disks can be a problem But here again there are all kinds of opinions on disks

    Just a thought. When you say Easy Guider you do mean the complete disk erase in Tools
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