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    So... here I am!

    What I want to do: Take all my DVDs and put them on my hard drive.

    I would like to use x264, because I've been watching 720p x264 .mkv files and the quality is better than my dvds!
    I would like AC3 audio within the .mkv, because DD5.1 is a must.
    I would like Perfect quality. I dont care if the file size is 4gb+... I just want a single file for each DVD.

    If you guys think .mp4 or .avi would suit me better, I'll take that into consideration.

    I'm trying linux because meGUI in windows hates me. Ive installed it on 4 machines and it just crashes all the time.
    I am hoping that there is an app for linux that is dependalbe, so i can churn out some .mkv files from my DVDs as quick as possible.

    The system I will probably use is an AMD64 3700+ @ 2.5ghz, 1gb RAM, ATI x1300, etc.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Why do you want to convert? Is it because you
    1) think that the quality will be better?
    2) need smaller files with a desire to preserve as much quality as possible?

    I'm asking because your post sort of implies that #1 is your thinking. I may be wrong, but it does seem to me that this is the case. If you think that converting to x264 will make your DVDs better, you are wrong. If you just want to do #2, then that's OK.
    Re-encoding NEVER makes things better. There is always some quality loss. You may not see it, but it's there.

    Unfortunately, everything video related is harder to do in Linux than Windows. That's why I run Windows at home even though I work as a Unix system admin. However, the following article might be of interest and help to you:
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    Try my guide here: It's for iPods but I also use these x264 presets for my HTPC , it's all freeware and it's as easy as anything in Windows.
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