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    I have a new camcorder and it films using a SD card, AVCHD, and uses a 4gb SD card. I bought a Kingston 8gb SDHC card so I will have more capacity. I just realized that this 8gb card is formatted in FAT32 that has a 4gb file limit restriction. ANYone know whats gonna happen when it goes past the 4gb limit? The camera recognizes the 8gb card OK and boosted the filming time to 83 minutes estimated remaining on the card. Will the camera automatically start a new file when it passes 4gb without dropping any frames?

    I haven't done hardly any filming, yet.

    Please advise me. Thanks.

    I have a Sony Playstation 3 (BluRay) that I plan on playing the HD home movies on.
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    The JVC Everio HDD camcorders allows you to record as long as the time limit of the media space vs. recording quality will allow without missing a beat, and automatically creates new files on the fly once the previous has gone over 4GB. After recording you see a set of 4GB files on its HDD. I think this is like in the DVD-video format where, *.vob files are maximum 1GB apiece, but we don't notice any glitches watching the whole TS. Your Panasonic most likely does the same.
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