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    I have idx/sub subtitles for a movie.
    When the movie's playing, right-click in VLC Player gives a drop-down list on which is a Subtitle entry from which I can choose the subtitle track (language) that I want.

    As shown in the screenshot, the choice is:
    1. Chinese
    2. Chinese
    3. Chinese

    But #3 track actually holds English subs, not Chinese.
    How can I edit/correct the text in the idx/sub files to show:
    3. English

    I have tried reading the articles and help answers on the whole forum but I get lost too easily. I'm not even on the ground floor... I'm a newbie in the basement.

    Thanks for any help and tolerance

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  2. Hi,

    I don't have any IDX/SUB files handy that have more than one language on it, so I'm going from memory, but I think this is right.

    Subs are numbered from 0. So, if there are 3 languages, you'll have 0, 1, and 2. You're looking for number 2. Open the IDX in Notepad. There will be a bunch of text, followed by the timestamps for the first (number 0) sub language. Scroll down till the timestamps end and the next set of text begins. It'll be followed by the timestamps for the second language. Scroll down until they end and the last set of text begins. Scroll down until just before the timestamps begin. You should see this:

    id: zh, index: 2

    Change it to:

    id: en, index: 2

    Save it and you should be set.
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    I dub thee, Sir manono.
    Arise !

    A million thanks, manono.
    Got it working A-ok now*.
    And some insight into IDX/SUB files that I didn't have before.
    A win-win situation

    * Although there is an error in it with VLC Player (although it displays correctly with GOM Player).
    Now, instead of 3 language choices in the list, there are 6 displayed, even though there are only 3 sections (0, 1, 2) in the IDX file.
    The english one is $6 on the list.
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