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    i am trying to convert some hi8 tape footage to digital...I am using a hi-8 camera passing through into a mini-dv camera (using the svhs plug) and then into my macbook imovie program (using firewire). on both the hi8 and mini-dv camcorders, the image looks fine...and when i hook both camcorders up to a tv, the image looks fine...but when i capture it onto my computer, there is a small line of distortion on the very bottom and very right hand side of the image. it does not do these things when viewing on camcorders or on the tv. is this a regular occurrence? im wondering what can be done about this? is there any software that would help? unfortunetly, i dont have a standalone tbc...any advice would be appreciated!
    thanks in advance!

    ps- my jvc 7600 VCR does have a tbc function...could this somehow be used in somekind of convoluted way?
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    That's normal for any analog material, if you view on TV and compare to your computer you'll notice some of the video is cut off on the TV. That's the overscan area. You'll only see this on computer because it displays the whole frame. If you want to get rid of it you can mask it with black.

    Suggest you request a mod to move your thread to the Mac forum because they rarely venture out of there. :P
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