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    Can anyone help me find a program or tool that will allow me to capture DVD footage from a Disc I have already made?

    I am trying to go back and author a new improved version of some old footage I had already imported from my camcorder. I no longer have the DV tapes to import from the Cam, so I will have to pull them directly from the DVDs themselves.

    I would like to find a program or utility that will allow me to use the DVD-Rom in my PC as the device to capture from. I have NEVER seen anything that will do this, but I think there must be one.

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    Sure, just copy the authored DVD files to your hard drive. You don't need any programs or need to do any 'capturing'. Or you can use DVD Decrypter if you want more control over the process. Or if you just want the MPEG part of the DVD for reauthoring, use VOB2MPEG.

    Unless you have something different in mind.

    If they are in DV format instead, same thing, just copy them to your hard drive and treat like any other file.
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