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    For those looking at the Sony TRV-110E PAL as a TBC, here are the details on a couple of variants.

    Non Passthrough (Australian-purchased): Power Slider switch is marked "VTR", and the DV jack is labelled "DV IN/OUT" (my camera).

    Passthrough (European version): Power slider switch is named "PLAYER" and the DV jack is labelled "DV IN" (details provided by an Ebay purchaser).

    Both variants have no mention in the menus of any AV to DV/passthrough function.

    The above info gels with the info on the European tax on "VTRs" verses "Players". The Aussie version is a "VTR" because you can record inbound via the Firewire port, whereas the European version is deemed to be a "Player" (No DV IN) only to avoid the tax. Surely Sony would have realised that in 20 years time their cameras were going to be used Passthrough TBCs in Australia! Only joking.
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