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  1. I downloaded the 30 day trial of DVD LAB and I am doing some test.

    I try to create a DVD with different sound in the movie section of DVD Lab (MIXED SOUND)

    Section Movie 1: DTS only
    Section Movie 2: DTS only
    Section Movie 3: AC3 only
    Section Movie 4: DTS only

    And the when I create the DVD (DVD compilation), the DVD created works fine except that the chapter corresponding to the AC3 section (movie 3) has no sound all and the DTS works and have sound.

    So WHAT IS THE PROBLEM. Can I create a dvd with different sound (MIXED SOUND)??????
    If not is there a way to convert DTS to AC3 or AC3 to DTS without too much lost of sound quality?

    Thanks for your help

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    Have some patience and wait for an answer in your original thread

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    Please do not double post. Continue in:

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