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  1. Hi,
    I recently used 'TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 with DivX Authoring' to make a DVD from an avi (FFDS) file. There were also a pair of associated .idx/sub files to enable incorporation of a subtitle stream.
    This worked fine and produced a nice DVD, however the subtitles are burnt-in, rather than selectable as I had hoped. Does anyone know how to stop them being burnt in? I don't think this is meant to happen, the TMPGEnc DVD menu I authored even had an option enabling you to turn off the subtitles.
    Thanks in advance for any advice/info.
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    Hi everybody, I'm new to this site but I read a lot of useful comments. I was wondering if anyone had the same problem I have with subtitle workshop. I have to work on a movie with the time code beginning at 05:02:51:16. When I press ALT C to set the start time for the first subtitle, the program automatically sets it at 00:00:00:00. Is there a way to "tell" the application that the first time code is different from 00:00:00:00? I hope I made myself clear

    Thank you!
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    Antus77 - Please don't hijack threads. Start a new thread when you have a problem that has nothing to do with the original thread. In fact, you should start a new thread about your problem. I don't know the answer to your question or I'd answer it.

    I don't have TMPGEnc DVD Author 3, but my understanding of the Divx 6 container that it supports is that the subtitles are supposed to be selectable. What are you playing this on? A standalone player? A PC? Check to see if there is an option in TMPGenc to make them selectable, but my understanding of the Divx 6 container is that the subtitles are totally selectable and the only example I have of a Divx 6 file with subtitles has them as selectable subs.
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    Text subs can be selectable, VobSub idx/sub type subs are not supported and therefor hard-coded.
    You can try converting the subs to .srt text subs with the VobSub SubResync utility.

    Open the idx then save as .srt and enter the correct characters for each picture it detects.

    Be carefull with quotation marks, L's and I's.
    After you have saved the *.srt do a final edit of it in notepad to fix discrepancies if any.

    More about DivX subtitle support here:
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  5. jman98 and j4gg3rr thanks for your replies.

    Trying your suggestion to use .srt subs cleared up the problem and the subtitles are now selectable.

    For anyone that's interested, I've just started using 'TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 with DivX Authoring' and it seems quite a powerful program.
    I have at present a DVD with English subs and need to splice in some additional foreign language subs. TMPGEnc seems to offer the option to do this with a few clicks and I will give it a go and see if it works.
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