I just bought Magix edit pro 12 and have been fighting with it for a week. I bought it because it says it handles VOB files but whenever I import them, either directly from the DVD out of my sony handycam or off the hard drive, only a small clip (usually the first scene) gets shown. Occasionally I can see other bits, quick frames, of the other scenes thrown into the first scene but other than that the rest of the video is missing. My hour long home movies are cut to about 30 seconds or less. Can someone, anyone, please help me?! the magix support site is terrible and they have no tech support line.

I have a brand new computer with windows vista, which edit pro 12 is compatible with.

it says that it only does unencoded VOB files...what are those and how do i know if my VOB file is encoded? does the handycam automatically encode the files?