is the deal. I have an edited project in Final Cut Pro and I want to put that on DVD. The orginal video files were from a new Sony mini-DVD camera (not sure if that is interlaced or progressive video). I exported using Quicktime Conversion (MPEG-2, VBR, Motion Quality Best, 7.5 max mbps, 6.0 average) and authoring in DVD Studio Pro.

When I watch it, it has interlacing artifacts (very bad!) Everytime the camera moves and there is movement. I'm watching this on a plasma and large LCD TV--and I know those are progressive, so I think that's my problem because the video was encoded as interlace.

BUT, what's the best way to encode in order to watch my DVD on ANY TV (crt, lcd or plasma)? Is that even possible?

How can I encode this to stop it from interlacing, are my settings right? (see above) I'm confused because the video on my Macbook Pro monitor is not interlacing---so that means I don't have to deinterlace, right?

Sorry it's so confusing---but any help would be much appreciated!!![/code]