I have a problem with my Sony DVP-NS355. I have had the player since October 2005 and it has been fine up until last week. When ever I turn it on from the main plug, it instantly turns on fully (it used to just go on standby) and displays "WELCOME" on the front LCD panel of the unit. It also displays the usual background on the tv screen, but that's it! It doesn't respond to the remote or the buttons on the unit itself!!! I can't bring up any menu, I can't open the disc tray, I can't play the dvd that's in there (and now it's stuck in there because the tray won't open...) and I can't even turn it back off into standby! All I can do is turn it on and off by the plug.

At first it would happen periodically and after a few resets it would be fine, but now even that won't fix it! It's as if the software is frozen in that state or something. I'm not an expert on the mechanical workings of DVD players, so I'm stuck!

Has anyone got any ideas? Thank you in advance!