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  1. I'm new to this board. I have a sony DVD/VCR that I just bought from best buy. apparently, you cannot record movies from hbo, starz, etc. it works with the showtime channels, though. what's the deal? is there anyway to get around this? This totally sucks. Please advise.

    Thanks, kk
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  2. It is probably CPRM copy protection preventing you from recording

    Devices like the Sima "GoDVD" and other video "clarifiers" might defeat it
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    Here's one designed to interface between incoming transmission device , and dvd recorders / pc capture devices .

    Huge compatibility list , and at only $89.00 USD
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  4. I've got a stabilizer I bought for $15 a long time ago that works fine.
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  5. Circuit City may still have that Sigma box for $99.00
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  6. I bought the dimax device and it works great! thanks for the suggestion!
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