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  1. It appears that iDVD has the same issue on the Mac that Nero and numerous other PC burning software does in regards to IFO/BUP files that could easily be in the same bad sector. (Search the other forums for more on the problem as it occurs in Nero.)

    Anyway, I was wondering if there's any way using OS X 10.2.8 (This machine is receiving an OS X 10.5 upgrade this fall,) and a freeware tool to "pad" the IFO/BUP files out to 32KB prior to authoring the disc using Roxio Toast 5 Titanium. Any advice is appreciated, especially since I wanted to do this yesterday. I'm hoping that my professional authoring software (I'm getting another Mac in October to use as an NLE,) when it arrives this fall anyway, won't have this problem of being a "coaster roaster."
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    Try opening the VIDEO_TS folder in MyDVDEdit . This will often fix IFO errors upon opening. Then simply Save and Quit.
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  3. OK, I just tried MyDVDEdit, and it didn't pad the IFO/BUP files to 32KB.

    Further information on this issue can be found here: -- although the thread deals primarily with Nero and Windows, this seems to be a recurring problem with most consumer-level DVD Burning programs, the most important part of that thread is here:
    Originally Posted by steptoe
    32k padding explained and why its there
    There can be gaps on a DVD. The most notable ones are those used to ensure that no ECC block contains any portion of an IFO file and its associated BUP file. Since ECC blocks are 16 sectors long (32K), the easiest way to accomplish this is to ensure that there are 16 sectors between the end of the IFO and the start of the BUP. With VIDEO_TS.VOB or VTS_xx_0.VOB files less that 32K (or absent) this means using a gap.
    Another good thread on this problem can be found here:

    While this is primarily a Nero/PC problem, other PC programs are affected by it as well, as are Mac programs according to what I'm seeing when I look at the size of my IFO and BUP files. Toast 5 Titanium on the Mac doesn't offer any method to "pad" the IFO/BUP files, but it doesn't go as far as Nero does on the PC to actually undo correctly coded IFO/BUP files. Normally I'd just look for another program, but unlike the PC which seems to have a new ripping and burning tool available for free daily, and a good selection of said tools that offer to pad the IFO/BUP files, the Mac hardly has any ripping software that works under OS X 10.2.8, let alone ripping and burning software which would admittedly make more sense. I took my original iDVD disc into MacTheRipper when I wanted to rip it so I could run off more copies of the final disc. I can change the Region coding in MTR (interestingly iDVD doesn't create All-Region discs, it creates R1-R6 discs and ignores R7 and R8,) and I can rip Arrcos coded discs, but I can't burn anything with that program, nor can I "rip and pad" the VOB files.

    As always, any (further) help is appreciated.
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    As Toast is now at version 8.0.1, what Toast 5 (4 years old!) does may well be different from what most people are using today. Especially people that use Toast for video purposes will have upgraded.

    The size of IFO and BUP files could stay as small as they are if the burning application puts them on disc at the right block/sector. Not sure if Toast does that, but the fact that your files are small doesn't necessarily mean the problem you talk about exists on discs. I see no reason why the padding has to be part of the files, it could well be space between files.

    Maybe the gurus and support folks at the Roxio forums know more about this?
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