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    Hi all

    I have tried the ILO Hacker application at but no matter what I set in the option "Try to enable region free" it always sets my region to USA. This is no good for me as I am in the UK and my UK DVD's no longer work.

    I then took at look at the pre-hacked firmware on but despite being marked as UK it says "NOTE: Be sure to apply the Remote Region Hack after upgrading to properly set the region code or to make the recorder Region Free. (US version does not need to be changed)". This leads me to believe that the hacked firmware will also set my region code to USA, and I do not know where to find the "Remote Region Hack" the comment mentions.

    So I need some help please

    01: If I use the upgrade will it indeed set my region to USA?
    02: If it does, what do I have to do to get it back to UK?

    Thanks very much!

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  2. On the hack site
    Note the reference to the use of a hack over firmware 197 and a full hack

    If region is your concern,
    Go to that site and open [Other Helpful Information and Links]
    Open ; [For the region-free hack instructions]

    The site says Ilo but is the same as Liteon --- [ilo is a Liteon]
    This process is the same and works on my 5045

    The firmware listed at that site ,except for one, is US and may be why uour machine reverts to a US reagion
    Tjhe hack site has refernce to a number of older and new firmware including UK versions
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    I found the instructions on google about 2 minutes before you posted

    01: Go to the setup
    02: Move onto EXIT
    03: Type 2960
    04: New menu options will appear on the right

    The penny dropped once I realised that the "Region Hack" isn't actually a hack but a backdoor!

    Thanks very much for replying!
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