I bought a Nvidia 8500 GT a week ago but not seeing the results I had hoped for regarding tv out playback quality. My old acient Ati 8500 could play mpg video smooth on s-video tv out but I cannot get the same experience from my new Nvidia Gigabyte 8500 GT.

I've tried several drivers, several video codecs (Nvidia 1.02-223 purevideo decoder and Cyberlink 7.3) but I cannot get pass getting jitter video. After a while playing a mpg file in any player WMP, Cyberlink or VLC the jitter starts. If I go to a news channel on my tv card with a news ticker everything initially runs smooth after a while after a while 1-3 minutes sometimes longer then the jitter start and video no longer is rendered smooth. After investigating I suspect some movement in the video or panning triggers it. I then need to change channel or pause/play for it to run smooth again. This happens both in WinXP and Vista. Hardware accelleration is turned on on the video codec, I've got a Core2Duo 6600 and 2 GB ram.

I've set up tv out on s-video, tv standard PAL B (I'm in Europe), size 720x576, overlay mode.

I've tried to install reclock thinking that may solve it, but frankly either I did not get something right or whatever because after installing it no playback at all. Windows Media Player, zoom player or Cyberlink 7.3 just hangs when opening video.

Is there some genius out there that can solve my troubles and bringing some joy to my Nvidia investment. Cause I'm out of ideas myself