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    Not to kill your buzz over terminal installs, don't worry you will get there soon enough. I would recommend that as a new user you use the Add/Remove in the Applications list first because it's organized better to give you an idea of ALL the available applications in different categories, also these are sure-fire packages that are guaranteed to install with no "dependency" issues. Some other things to have early on your to do list are going to which handles some different packages than the Ubuntu repositories, Check out for some fresher packages than the regular repo ones, Also you will want to enable the "Medibuntu" repositories to get all the codecs in place for DVD viewing and much more. I find it useful to have the repos as well but there's no hurry. Here's the link for Medibuntu:

    I was mildly curious about Linux like you and now I do about 80% of my video stuff in Linux. I am no Linux fanatic - I like Windows XP just fine and it is still necessary for a few things like ripping the latest DVD's etc. so I still dual-boot and will for some time, with NTFS support in Linux and ext2/3 support in Windows it is very easy to reliably share drives etc. Take your time....Ubuntu ain't going anywhere but up. I could go on but I will let Linux speak for itself. All the best!
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    Ok man. I get a little excited. What can I say?
    This is so much fun!
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  3. The list generator supposedly gives you a more tailored list with servers closest to your local. But you seem to have an extensive list so I would simply go with it and leave it as it is at least for now.
    By command line install do you mean to compile an app with ./configure. Nothing wrong with doing that, however the trouble with it is that you may not find a shortcut for it in your application menu (start button) as these packages are kind of generic in nature. It is best to use apt as the packages will be tailored to ubuntu specifically.
    Oops missed the page 2 info didn't see the previous post, sorry. yea like what GMaq said.
    Linux user
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